Song of Solomon 6:3 'I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine; he grazes among the lilies.'

The Song of Solomon gives us an incredible picture of God's will for intimacy, passion, and commitment within the marriage relationship.  Each lover is totally confident and satisfied in the presence of one another.  May all of our marriages continue to mature in this way! 

We also know that marriage is one of the key illustrations given to us to understand Christ and the Church.  The Church is called the Bride of Christ.  The woman in Song of Solomon approaches her husband with total confidence.  She knows she is his beloved.  We are Christ's beloved! 

When we grow in our recognition that we are not His beloved because of our own performance, but because He has chosen us as His beloved and demonstrated this on the cross, obedience becomes a great joy and the weight of moral performance is shed.  Pray that we would find deep satisfaction and confidence in being Christ's beloved.

-Aaron Negron