What is Student Life Camp?

From Student Life's Website: Student Life Camp is a Christ-centered camp for 7th-12th graders. It includes engaging worship from experienced worship leaders, learning through sound biblical teaching and Bible study, community in Life Groups, and fun in recreation! It's a week of focused learning, heartfelt praise, games, dramas, community building, teamwork, and most importantly, God's Word on center stage.

I've been to student life camp and led worship for it, and can safely say it's one of the best experiences out there for students, and I'm excited to take a group this year. You can find more info (like our daily schedules) here- https://www.studentlife.com/rec. 

Why Student Life Camp?

We've done boot camp for the last several years, and while the Lord has done some amazing things through it, and our kids have grown and had an amazing time- our resources are limited. There is an upper limit to the amount we are able to plan and do with only our group. By partnering together with student life, we can offer an incredibly polished and fun camp experience that wouldn't be possible by ourselves, while also keeping the cost relatively low. 

Where is it?

Austin College in Sherman, TX. Students will be staying in rooms of 2 separated by gender. There will be an adult leader staying close with the students.

When is it?

9 AM June 11th- 3PM June 15th. 


The cost for Student Life camp currently stands at 330 dollars a student. Payment is not due upon signing up, but will be due by May 15th. We are currently doing church fundraisers to defray the cost for each student, and a few scholarships are available to students who are unable to pay. Contact Alex at alex@pointaustin.org for more info.

The number of students we are able to take is limited to 15. Please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.

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