February 16-17


When- Friday, Feb 16 at 6:30-9:00pm AND Saturday Feb 17 at 9:00am-1:00pm

Where- Point Community Church & date locations of your choosing

Who- Weekend is for couples who are married or moving towards marriage.  We want to foster a healthy biblical view of marriage amongst our whole church family.

How- The retreat will be based around both teaching and discussion.

  • Friday evening we will have some appetizers at the church building.  Everyone will gather to share those and have our first teaching time.  After this couples will head out for a date BY THEMSELVES (no double dating) to discuss the first set of questions.
  • Saturday morning we will have some breakfast food and drinks at the church building. We will do a couple more sessions.  At lunchtime couples will dismiss for a final date and discussion (again by themselves).

Cost- $10 per couple (we have tried to keep it as affordable as possible to help you pay for your own dates and childcare).

Childcare- The church will not be providing childcare for either day of the retreat. So please make plans ASAP to secure your own childcare.

Notes- 1) Consider getting a hotel for the Friday night. Getting some space away from the norm will help you both engage better.
2) Please note the ending times listed at the top of the page are only estimates.

Registration- Please sign up by submitting the form below.

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