Lent Day 20 - Why Are You Living?

Why are you living?  What is motivating you to live today?

In truthful response, some of you may think, “not much”.  Others of you may feel compelled to live by a fear. For example, you are anxiously motivated by the thought, “will my family have enough to make ends meet.”  Others of us may be motivated by a proverbial ‘carrot’ dangling out in front, enticing us on to the next experience, pat on the back, new friendship, intimate moment, possession or adventure.

All these purposes fall short and will ultimately reveal themselves to be poor reasons for living.  When speaking to the pursuits, purposes and toils of humanity the author of Ecclesiastes says, “Absolute futility. Everything is futile.” (chapter 1 v1).

Thankfully the Jesus-follower has a transcendent reason for living.  If you are God’s son or daughter you have a significant reason for drawing breath into your lungs today.  It’s the same reason that motivated and informed every movement and moment of Jesus’ life during the short years He walked among us as God incarnate.  Why did Jesus live?  To love God, His Father, and to love people - reconciling them with His Father.  We, like Jesus, live for the glory of God when we love God and love people.

The author of Ecclesiastes sought to find meaning in life through many means. Ultimately, nothing satisfied except God. Ecclesiastes concludes after 12 difficult chapters by saying in verse 13, “When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is: fear God and keep His commands, because this is for all humanity.”  What are the commands of God we should keep?  As Jesus so eloquently put, all the commands can be summated in the directives to love God and love your neighbor. 

So today, what are you living for? Are you living for the transcendent purpose of loving God and loving people, or are you living for something lesser?

Father God, 
Please help my identity be first and foremost established in you. As I receive and live out the realities of who i am in You, may Your love compel me to love You and those you have placed around me (in my neighborhood, workplace and in every sphere),

Harlie & Liz Raethel