Holy Week Invitation & Reminders

As we start Holy Week and begin our final preparations to celebrate the resurrection with the global church, we invite you to take time this week to reflect. We will continue to send out daily text links to devotionals centered on the cross, and we encourage you that even if you haven't participated in fasting so far, that you would prayerfully consider replacing an activity or luxury with a little more focused attention on Jesus. The goal of fasting is not to gain God's love or to prove to others we are really good Christians. It is through fasting that we remind ourselves Jesus is better than anything in this world. If God leads you to join us for this, we know that you will be blessed by the process. 

Don't forget that we will gather on Friday evening at 6:30 to remember the Cross of Christ together. Then, on Sunday morning at 9:15 and 11 AM, we will gather to celebrate the empty tomb that signifies Jesus' victory over sin and death! Invite someone and make plans to join us. Also, please take time this week to pray daily for those around us that are unaware that Christ's death and resurrection are an invitation to all people to receive God's gift of salvation.