Lent Day 26 - Your Word Is Truth

Jesus said in John 17:17, “Sanctify them by the truth. Your word is truth.”

I have recently been reminded of how powerful God’s Word is in disciple-making. The other night, when putting our 4-year-old to sleep, she told me she was angry about something. I began to ask the why, what, and how of her anger, with good intentions, of course, when she stopped me as I was leaving her room and said, “Daddy, will you do my Bible verse with me?” I asked her which one, thinking it was our monthly church verse, when she replied, “The one about anger.” We proceeded to go over the verse and I instantly saw my daughter’s countenance change from anger to tenderness.

My heart melted and froze all at once. How sweet that my daughter was asking for God’s Word to counsel her with her anger, but how hard realizing that this had not been my first go-to when dealing with it as a parent.

God’s Word is essential to our discipleship, both personally and with others. Do we practically live as if it can transform us? Do we store it up in our hearts? We don’t need more self-help, more “good” ideas, more tips and tricks. We need the power of God’s Word working in us through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. We don’t need to point other disciples to anything but the Lord and His Word for guidance. For by them both we are sanctified and matured.
What are you looking to for truth today?

“Father, help us to seek your wisdom and your truth as we walk daily with You. Keep us free from the schemes and diversions of the enemy and help us to treasure Your Word in our hearts.”

By Matt Altman