Lent Day 3 - Beloved

‘…Then I said, “Here am I.  Send me!”’  Isaiah 6:8

Murderous. Unfaithful. Unworthy.  Beloved.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus teaches that the depth of sin goes beyond observable actions into the realm of desires of the heart (Matthew 5).  He tells the crowd that a person who is angry with a brother or sister is subject to judgement like a murderer.  Jesus tells them a man who lusts after a woman has committed adultery in his heart.  They are equal in offense to God because they are all rooted in lies about Him.   We are these people.  Woe are we, for we are ruined!  But, Beloved, that is not the end for in Christ we are fully known and fully loved.  Jesus is our only hope.

Isaiah 6: 1-9 gives a beautiful account of the transformation we experience in Christ from unworthy to beloved.  Isaiah’s response in the presence of a Holy God is, ‘Woe is me, for I am ruined!’ Isaiah 6:5.  The Lord removes Isaiah’s iniquity and forgives his sins symbolized by an angel touching a hot coal to Isaiah’s lips.  Isaiah has been transformed by the King himself.  Isaiah immediately inhabits his new identity when the Lord asks for a volunteer to go on His behalf.  Isaiah begs, ‘Here am I.  Send me!’ Isaiah 6:8.  The Lord says, ‘Go…’

We are qualified in Christ, not based on our own performance.  This is the essential truth we so often forget and in our distress we feel unworthy and unqualified to make disciples.  Do you feel unworthy?  Do you feel unqualified to make disciples?  Beloved, today know that you are worthy and qualified in Christ!

Father, I pray that we would be a people who neither think too high nor too low of ourselves, but that we would increasingly not think of ourselves at all.  Help us to joyfully and courageously make disciples because we are confident in the work of the King.  Beloved, GO!  Amen.

By Aaron Negron

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