God is Wrathful (Week Starting December 2, 2018)

Read this Scripture:  
Psalm 90:7-9 - For we are consumed by Your anger; we are terrified by Your wrath.  You have set our unjust ways before You, our secret sins in the light of Your presence.  For all our days ebb away under Your wrath; we end our years like a sigh.

Read this Thought:
Wrath is a strange word, and one that we don’t use often in our everyday conversation.  If we were to look it up, a dictionary would tell us that wrath is “extreme anger.” This creates a problem because when we picture God being full of wrath we tend to picture Him having a temper tantrum. Have you ever seen someone throwing a tantrum? It’s most definitely not pleasant!

This is not at all the idea we should have in our minds when we consider this aspect of God’s character.  We must remember that He is also perfect, holy, just, good and full of love. It is actually because He is all these things that He is also wrathful.

A mother bear gets aggressive to anyone who comes near her baby cubs because she loves them and is protective of them.  A mother and father get upset when one of their children makes a poor decision because they deeply care for that child. Much in the same way, God deeply loves us and is therefore angry and wrathful towards anything that is bad or harmful.  We can trace all the bad in our world back to sin - God is full of wrath towards the sin that has infected all of His creation. We are all full of sin (we think, say and do bad things) and therefore we all deserve to have God’s wrath directed at us.

Interestingly, at this time of year we celebrate the coming of Jesus.  The beauty of the story of Jesus is that He came to take the wrath that we deserve - that’s why He died on the cross (to die for our sins and by doing so satisfy the wrath of God).  

A right understanding of the wrath of God helps us to appreciate all the more what Jesus did in coming and dying in our place.  Praise God for His rich mercy and grace!

Do this Activity:
Get some supplies together - a piece of paper and a pencil (not colored) for ever person.  Also get your best eraser. Have everyone write on their piece of paper something that they have done that is sinful.

Talk together about how God feels about our sins (make sure to emphasize how God is wrathful towards sin).  Then take turns using the eraser to erase our sin and draw a cross in its place. Talk about how Jesus took our place.

Discuss this Question:
How does the wrath of God prove that He loves us?

December Scripture Memory:
1 John 4:7 - Dear friends, let us love one another, because love is from God, and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God

Pray Together