God is Gracious (Week Starting November 25, 2018)

Read this Scripture:  
Psalm 145:8 - The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and great in faithful love.

Read this Thought:
Words are funny things.  Some words that we use, we bundle together because they mean basically the same thing.  For example, one translation of the Bible may use the word ‘mercy’ in a verse, and another translation will use ‘compassion’ in that same place.  Both of these words communicate the same basic idea.

However, sometimes we want to lump words together that don’t really belong.  This is true of the words ‘mercy’ and ‘grace’. We can rightly say that God is merciful and we can also rightly say that God is gracious.  What we must understand is that both of these truths are very amazing, but also distinct.

Have you ever met twins?  If you have, you know that even though they may look similar they are actually distinct people… In fact the more you spend time with them the more differences you will see.  

This is also true of God’s mercy and God’s grace.  They look similar in that they are both good things that we do not deserve.  However, they are different. The longer we look at them the more distinctions we will see.  God’s mercy frees us from the punishment we deserve. God’s grace is God’s unmerited favor (unmerited is a fancy way of saying undeserved).  

So when we say that God is gracious we are declaring that He is full of grace.  That He delights in blessing us and giving us blessings that we don’t deserve. The fact that God is gracious is very good news!

Do this Activity:
Get paper and some supplies to draw a picture.  Draw a picture of something that reminds you that God is gracious (maybe a sunset, or your favorite food, a family member you love or a picture of Jesus).  

Discuss this Question:
What are some things that prove that God is gracious?

November Scripture Memory:
John 17:3 - This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You have sent —Jesus Christ.

Pray Together